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Drug Enforcement Administration Presents on Current Drug Trends in San Diego County

Growing up Drug Free Special Agents from the Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration presented to North County Parents on current drug trends impacting their community.  The information was extremely relevant and valuable to parents.  The focus was on how to keep their children safe and drug free. Rocky Herron Presenting at Garrison Elementary                                                                                                      David Garcia…

An Exercise to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, ruminating on negative thoughts could be to blame. Below is a step-by-step exercise commonly used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that, if done regularly, will calm your anxiety and lift your mood.

First, notice the negative thoughts when they arise. A good signifier of negative thoughts is a low or anxious mood that comes seemingly “out of nowhere.” These feelings are a signal that you need to turn inward and examine your thoughts. A good example of this is if you’ve ever seen a photo of yourself and then minutes later noticed you feel depressed “for no reason.” Upon examining your thoughts, they could be something along the lines of: “My stomach is huge,” or “I’m so unattractive,” or “I will never be pretty enough.” These thoughts are not only irrational, they are also anxiety-provoking and depressing—it’s no wonder you’d feel depressed and/or anxious after having them!

Common Things Children Worry About

Although most of us would like to think of childhood as a carefree time before the onset of adult worries, we know that many children worry a tremendous amount about all sorts of things.  Here are some of the childhood worries expressed to PFCS’s school-based counselors: Do other kids think that I am weird? What…

Escondido Students Learn Valuable Life Skills

PFCS is very grateful to the Escondido Charitable Foundation‘s generous funding of our Teen Life Skills program in EUHSD schools.  This week concludes the year of funding from the Foundation which proved highly successful!  Over the last year, PFCS counselors have delivered 118 different group sessions to students at all five local high schools.  Topics…

PFCS Welcomes 15 New Graduate Trainees


PFCS Welcomes 15 New Graduate Trainees

Palomar Family Counseling Service is proud of our commitment to training the next generation of therapists. We are so pleased to welcome 15 new graduate trainees from 8 different universities who will be working in our offices as well as in the public schools this year.  These graduate students are completing a practicum requirement necessary for Marriage and Family Therapy, Master of Social Work, or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor degrees.


Beyond the Front Gate: Working with Military Families

To many on the outside, entering a military base can be a stressful, worrisome and an uncomfortable situation. Getting through the gate involves driving by and letting an armed military member check your ID, sometimes making you go to the pass house to get sponsored on. It’s not uncommon to drive by tanks, or to see helicopters flying overhead, and to those who live and work on base, it’s the norm.

The entrance to Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton is seen Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, in Oceanside, Calif. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

HUGE Clothing Drive by San Diego Jewish Academy benefits PFCS Clients

PFCS was honored to be the recipient of a generous clothing and toy drive by San Diego Jewish Academy.  SDJA conducted the drive in honor of Agam Levy, a dedicated community-minded teenager whose life was cut tragically short.  Staff and students delivered the goods in a giant U-Haul and worked with PFCS to unload and…