Funding Awarded from the Fallbrook Regional Health District

PFCS is pleased that we have again received funding from Fallbrook Regional Health District for our Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Program!  This is will be the third year of the project which supports students at three elementary schools, a middle school, and the Boys and Girls Club in Fallbrook to assist students and their families in becoming healthier physically, as well as emotionally. There is a special focus on prevention of childhood obesity and in promoting healthy eating, family-centered physical exercise, cultural norms and diet, and the link between obesity and depression. The funding will provide individual, group and family counseling, classroom presentations, and parenting classes and workshops.

PFCS will also provide counseling and group services at the new Fallbrook Wellness Center which will have its ribbon cutting ceremony on September 5th 2018.  Therapists will have regular times at the Wellness Center to see community members of all ages and needs in order to better meet the behavioral health needs of the community.

The agency continues our long-term collaboration with the public schools in Fallbrook, and are pleased to continue with our model of offering counseling to children at their school sites in addition to our office setting. This removes some of the barriers to children receiving counseling such as transportation.  With parent permission, children can be seen regularly when even when parents are unavailable to bring them to an office.   The expansion of working with the Boys and Girls Club of Fallbrook will give even more access to children who can be seen in their after-school program.

For more information about this project or to schedule counseling in Fallbrook, please call 760-731-3235.



Photo of parents at parent workshop graduation spring 2018