Career Opportunity at Palomar Family Counseling Service, Inc.

Program: Incredible Years – North Coastal Prevention and Early Intervention

Position: Therapist providing Screening, Incredible Years Parent Trainings, Classroom Presentations, and Small Groups.

Hours: .8 (32hrs) – 1FTE (40hrs)

Available: July 1, 2019

Location: Oceanside/Vista

Population: School Aged Children


  • Screens referrals to ensure appropriate level of service.
  • Refers to higher levels of care and resources as needed.
  • Implements the Incredible Years Prevention Parent Training (12 weeks)
  • Implements the Incredible Years Classroom Prevention Model weekly in every classroom PreK – 1st grade.
  • Implements the Incredible Years Classroom Prevention Model monthly series in identified classrooms 2nd – 3rd grade.
  • Facilitates Incredible Years Small Groups for at risk students PreK – 3rd grade.
  • Teacher consultation
  • Training in Incredible Years: Parent, Teacher and Child.

Eligibility: Registered Associate.  Bilingual preferred.

Skills required: Good Communication, positive attitude, ability to work with a team, organized, energetic, public speaking ability, ability to work with school aged children, and excited to work with the Incredible Years model which includes puppets.

If you are interested please submit a resume by: May 17, 2019 to Lisa Turner, Executive Director at lturner@pfcs.agnecy  cc: Chris DuVall, NCPEI Program Manager at cduvall@pfcs.agnecy

Got shoes!!!!! New Shoes for EVERY Student at Garrison and Libby Elementary

New Shoes for EVERY Student at Garrison and Libby Elementary

Palomar Family Counseling Service, Inc., Garrison Elementary, Libby Elementary, St. James Mission Circle, Shoes to the World and Two Ten Foundation partnered in providing a NEW pair of tennis shoes for EVERY child that attended Garrison and Libby.  As a team, we distributed over 1400 pairs of new shoes.  The youth and families were incredibly appreciative.



Students Brighten Up Escondido Office

Students Painting at PFCS

Wonderful EHS Students Brighten up the Escondido Office

Five amazing National Honor Society Students from Escondido High School recently gave up two days of their cherished spring break to tackle much-needed painting projects.  Deyri, Carmen, David, Norma, and Charlie did an exceptional job of transforming two offices and three hallways into bright and clean spaces for clients and staff alike to enjoy.  Heartfelt thanks to these generous EHS Honor Society students for their time and effort!


Drug Enforcement Administration Presents on Current Drug Trends in San Diego County

Growing up Drug Free

Special Agents from the Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration presented to North County Parents on current drug trends impacting their community.  The information was extremely relevant and valuable to parents.  The focus was on how to keep their children safe and drug free.

Rocky Herron Presenting at Garrison Elementary                                                                                                      David Garcia Presenting at Mission Elementary

Please see the following for more information:

Online Resources

Handout on Smuggling_General_Translated

Growing Up Drug Free (2017)

Growing Up Drug Free (2017)_SPANISH )

Marijuana Prevention Among Youth booklet

Marijuana Prevention Among Youth booklet_SPANISH



An Exercise to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, ruminating on negative thoughts could be to blame. Below is a step-by-step exercise commonly used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that, if done regularly, will calm your anxiety and lift your mood.

First, notice the negative thoughts when they arise. A good signifier of negative thoughts is a low or anxious mood that comes seemingly “out of nowhere.” These feelings are a signal that you need to turn inward and examine your thoughts. A good example of this is if you’ve ever seen a photo of yourself and then minutes later noticed you feel depressed “for no reason.” Upon examining your thoughts, they could be something along the lines of: “My stomach is huge,” or “I’m so unattractive,” or “I will never be pretty enough.” These thoughts are not only irrational, they are also anxiety-provoking and depressing—it’s no wonder you’d feel depressed and/or anxious after having them!

Common Things Children Worry About

Although most of us would like to think of childhood as a carefree time before the onset of adult worries, we know that many children worry a tremendous amount about all sorts of things.  Here are some of the childhood worries expressed to PFCS’s school-based counselors:

  • Do other kids think that I am weird?
  • What if my mom or dad dies?
  • If I don’t always think about someone who died, will I forget them?
  • Where is my family going to live? Could we lose our home?
      • Will my parents get divorced?
      • Is there a sexual predator living next door?
    • Will my family be okay in a fire, tornado, earthquake or other natural disaster?
    • When should I start calling my step-mom “mom”?
    • How can I get away from bullies on the playground?
    • When my grandma died, did she go to heaven?
    • Will someone try to grab me when I am walking down the street?
    • I saw some pills at home. Does this mean my mom is an addict?
    • Will I ever have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What if I never find a soulmate?
    • What if my friends really hate me?
    • What is the right way to treat kids who have special needs?
    • Do I have to change my clothes for gym class? What do people think about my body?
    • Will my mom (or dad) be home for my birthday?
    • What if I lose all my followers (on social media)?
    • Does our family have enough money to live?
    • Will my family be deported? Will ICE come and take my mom while I am at school?
    • Will there be new laws that hurt my family?
    • Will someone come to my school and shoot people? When we have lockdown drills, are they “for real”?
    • What should I do for a career? Everyone else seems to know and I don’t.
    • Am I going to always be fat?
    • Will someone I know get cancer?
    • What if I never grow?
    • Will I ever get my period? How will I tell my dad that I got my period?
    • My parent is deployed. Will they get killed?

    Not all kids and teens verbalize their worries so parents may be surprised by what they hear when they start asking.  The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to provide information, resources, and reassurance.  It’s important that to validate your child’s feelings and not dismiss them because you think the worries are unrealistic.  If your child struggles with significant anxiety, you may want to consult with a counselor about whether your child might benefit from therapy.  Whatever the worries, it is important that children understand they are not alone in dealing with the world.

    This article was written from information gathered by PFCS’s school-based counselors.

Escondido Students Learn Valuable Life Skills

PFCS is very grateful to the Escondido Charitable Foundation‘s generous funding of our Teen Life Skills program in EUHSD schools.  This week concludes the year of funding from the Foundation which proved highly successful!  Over the last year, PFCS counselors have delivered 118 different group sessions to students at all five local high schools.  Topics included decision-making, self-esteem, anger management, social skills, and stress management.   We thank the Foundation as well as EUHSD personnel for being such amazing partners!  We’re also deeply appreciative of the Nordson Foundation for their funding which allows the program to continue.