You don’t have to scroll through to learn about the agency’s multiple programs.  You are welcome to simply call us at 760-741-2660 and one of our helpful Intake Coordinators will gladly assist you in finding the right service for you or your family member.  But if you are interested, please read on:

  • Office-based counseling services

Whether you or your child are struggling to adjust to a recent loss or change, or you are seeking to resolve deep-seated challenges that impact your day to day life, PFCS can help.

Clinical staff include highly experienced licensed mental health professionals, registered associates pursuing licensure under clinical supervision, and Master’s or doctoral level students completing their practicum requirements.

PFCS offers individual, couples, and family therapy services in all four offices for all ages, ranging from pre-school aged children to senior adults. Counseling services are provided on a sliding scale to keep services affordable and accessible to all. Third-party payers such as MediCal, California Victims Compensation Board, and Child Welfare Service are also accepted.


  • Site-based counseling services

Palomar Family Counseling Service provides services in over 60 schools and community sites in the North County area.  Programs are described below; please call to learn more about program locations.

PFCS works in partnership with many school districts in the North San Diego County area, providing School-Based Counseling Services to children and teens who are showing signs of emotional difficulties and problem behaviors. Services are provided at the school site where we can easily collaborate with school personnel as well as reduce transportation challenges for families. Services are tailored to meet the needs of the school and may include group and individual counseling, parent education, and classroom presentations. Our counselors work with students on issues such as anger management, impulse control, bullying, family issues, grief and loss, and substance abuse.

PFCS provides comprehensive specialty mental health services through its North Inland/North Coastal Full Service Partnership and Fallbrook Full Service Partnership. These services target high need students with MediCal, and services include case management, individual and family counseling, and medication management. These services are provided under contract with the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services.

Also funded by the County of San Diego, CSED (Children with Social and Emotional Difficulties) is a program that treats children age 5 and younger with significant social and emotional difficulties. Services are provided in English and Spanish, at the school, office, or in the home. Parent training is provided to assist parents in developing the skills to better manage challenging behaviors and to strengthen the parent /child relationship. Case management support is also available to identify family needs and provide referrals to community agencies that will meet those needs.

Finally, PFCS is certified by the California Department of Education as a Non Public Agency (NPA) in the North Inland area to provide Counseling and Guidance Services and Educationally Related Mental Health Services to students receiving Special Education services.

With funding from the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services, PFCS provides a comprehensive prevention and early intervention program in several schools in Oceanside and Vista Unified School Districts. North Coastal Prevention and Early Intervention (NCPEI) has two components:

The Incredible Years component provides culturally appropriate evidence-based prevention and early intervention services to elementary school aged children preschool to third grade. These services include screening and early identification of at risk children, classroom delivery of a social-emotional health curriculum, small group interventions, and Incredible Years Parent Trainings. This component:

  • Increases social skills and emotional language;
  • Increases problem solving skills and effective anger management strategies;
  • Decreases negative attributions and increases empathy;
  • Decreases aggressive behavior and related conduct problems such as non-compliance, bullying, stealing, and lying; and
  • Increases on-task school behaviors, reading skills and academic competence.

The Family Community Partnership component provides culturally-appropriate community outreach and health prevention activities utilizing parent-peer partners based on a promatora model. PFCS hires parents at participating schools to work as Community Outreach Specialists to engage families in services and connect them with community resources.  The Family Community Partnership:

  • Increases family wellness and strengthens resilience;
  • Reduces disparities in accessing mental health service;
  • Reduces stigma and discrimination; and
  • Helps families make connections with schools and other community resources.

Not all services are offered at all four locations. Please call for further information.

Domestic Violence Offenders

  • Weekly treatment groups for court-ordered offenders
  • Male and Female
  • English and Spanish
Domestic Violence Survivors
  • Support groups for victims of domestic violence
  • Voluntary or authorized by Child Welfare Services
Anger Management
  • Weekly treatment groups
  • Voluntary or Court-Ordered
  • Male and Female
  • Weekly parent education
  • Voluntary or authorized by Child Welfare Services
Substance Abuse
  • Certified by the California Department of Health Care Services
  • Four month outpatient program
  • Male and Female Adults

PFCS is certified by the San Diego County Department of Probation to deliver batterer’s treatment groups.  Groups are offered at all four locations.  Groups are available to both men and women and in both English and Spanish.

PFCS is certified by the California Department of Health Care Services as a provider of outpatient alcohol and/or other drug treatment.